Architectural photography and Interior photography, in many aspects are only general descriptions that do not accurately convey the nuances of the images needed. Lumped under architectural photography would be exterior and interior and in many descriptions architectural photography has become synonymous with exterior and left interior to become its own category. But even these divisions are still general and do not describe the nuances needed for particular purposes.

Interior architectural photography or interior photography is still yet very general because a completely different style of creating the image is needed if you are shooting for an architect, a builder or contractor, interior decorator or interior designer, event facility, luxury real estate, for the hotel or travel industry, industrial facilities, accessories market or high-end appliances or other products that need to be photographed in their environment. Of course, if you are a buyer of interior photography such as an interior decorator or a builder or the head of the communications department for an architectural firm you already know this.

The nuances, of how these photographs are created and what’s presented in the photograph determines the success of the image. The measure of the success of the image, is return on investment, or simply put…sales!

I’m a specialist photographer, actually I’m a specialist in three fields of photography; architectural, product, and food. No, I’m not a generalist I just happened to have been working in the field of photography for 36 years and have had the opportunity to focus my attention, in detail, on these areas.

Although I’ve been photographing architecture for the full 36 years; in the last 15 years it’s been the primary concentration of my work. At the beginning of my career I studied architecture and worked as a professional draftsman.

The bottom line to this blog is; there are nuances and if you ignore these nuances you cripple your sales. If you have no knowledge what these nuances are you cripple your sales. If you think your sales are great and you have no knowledge of these nuances then you are uninformed how much money you’re leaving on the table.

All photographs are not created equal! And just documenting a space with your smart phone really isn’t creating an image. It’s taking a picture; Google says about 8 billion pictures a day are being taken. Images are created.

Images sell because, images inspire emotion, stimulate the imagination and create desire. I create images for the architectural field.

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